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The HC Pillars Build Up Young Orphaned Men….

Meet Prioly: He was a neglected boy hated by his step-mother so his dad put him in an orphanage when he was 11 years old. In spite of this trauma, Prioly has forged ahead with good grades and good church attendance. He is devoted to the Lord and realizes that his success is tied with his faith and his studies. 

...And Stop the Cycle Created by Orphaned Young Men.

Prioly is one of the privileged orphans who gets to CHANGE the path he was destined for. Instead of perpetuating orphanhood, poverty and abuse, he will be able to love and provide for his family in the future.


THIS is why we equip and empower young men--to stop the cycle of orphanhood in Haiti.


When Prioly wins--the women and children in his sphere of influence win. 

Together The Collective builds up young men to end the cycle of orphanhood in Haiti and beyond! 

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