Michel Nickenson

Age 18

I love to read  and I would love to start my own business now so later on I can be  hiring other people in order to stop the unemployment in Haiti.

HUGG changed my life in many aspect, thank to hug I have a chance to sleep with a roof under my head and be able to eat twice a day.

I did not expect to go to school every day now I am lucky I can go and work hard in order to make good grades which I am so thankful about.

I am still working towards my goals because I still have a long way to go before I get there .To be sincere I have not yet achieved anything in my life  because I am a dependent young boy and struggling every day But I know with God help I will get there and be where I am supposed to be.

One of the things I dream about is to see my contribution in other people's lives. SO I can give back what I have got for granted.

I am planning when I start working to build my own house because rent is too expensive.