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We invest in young men aging out of orphancare in Haiti so that together we can break the

I've said "yes" to stopping the cycle of orphanhood in Haiti! Learn more below how your "yes" tackles the problems that young orphaned men in Haiti face: 

3. Give a One-Time Donation. 

HUGG remains a grass-roots organization determined to find solutions to a problem that has plagued Haiti for decades. We aren't providing band-aids; we are getting to the source of the problem. For 8 years, we've worked on a shoe-string budget with minimal state-side overhead. As we move forward, we recognize that we need licensed and experienced social workers to incorporate trauma-informed counseling, better trade schools, more educated leadership, and we need better resources to be able to cover costs that our collaborators need to provide Pillar Support. If you're like us and want to see results, we welcome a meeting so we can share specific strategies and plans to tackle orphanhood head on. You can trust HUGG to use your dollars in an effective and efficient way that aims for results. 

2. Build one of the HUGG Pillars. 

HUGG recognizes that children need more than just  their basic needs met--they need relationships and mentors and permanency. Our partnership with Grangou allows our boys to have access to these pillars before they come into our Transition Home.  Your support allows us to partner with other like-minded organizations who are working specific areas like discipleship, mentoring, financial literacy so that they can include HUGG as part of their training. Collaboration is key and we believe it will take multiple agencies to accomplish our mission. All the pillars are equally important and we need people to help us build each one.

1. Build a Relationship.

The young men of HUGG are encouraged when they know there are people here rooting for their success through prayer, communication, financial support and other forms of mentorship. Select a young man to support and we will reach out to you with how you can walk along side our young men as they break the cycle of orphanhood in their communities!

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