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Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti

Last November, we were forced to all but shut down our operations on the U.S side of our ministry. We held a beautiful Fall Fundraiser where many of you were moved by the HUGG Collective story and generously gave. Unfortunately, we fell short of our goal and had to make some hard decisions.

We began praying like never before for God to provide for the young men we empower and equip in Haiti. We entrusted this work to our few, but strong, Haitian leaders and shared with them that as long as the donations came in, we would keep walking along this work to break the cycle of orphanhood in Haitian communities. We would continue to send our young men to college and we would continue to provide mentorship and basic needs and help transition them into adulthood.

We let go, and Let God.

I am thankful to report that He has been faithful. Every month we receive just enough to cover our expenses and when we fall short, we reach out to churches and so far I am happy to report that our work is strong in Haiti.

Under the amazing leadership of Josue Henry, there are 15 orphaned men who have a place to call home. They are part of a home where they all do their part. Some are finishing up high school, others are in trade school and thanks to Restoration Church, we were able to send some to college and technical school for the second year.

What You’re Not Hearing about Haiti

Mission of Hope states it most succinctly and urgently:

“The map below shows the staggering reality of what Haiti is facing right now. 6.6 million people in Haiti are currently experiencing insufficient food consumption. 6.6 million people are extremely hungry, and many are on the verge of starvation. We must not look away.”

Our director Josue Henry, reports that their neighbors, their church brothers and sisters are on the verge of going hungry. The gangs have all but taken over Port-au-Prince and are making their way to the outskirts where they are running people out of their homes.

I copied and pasted this latest report from a missionary in Haiti:

From Facebook:

“Situation report from Lafito Community from a resident and a close Haitian friends who have fled after the IZO Gang has entered Lafio beach by of late afternoon 2 different sources report 90 percent of the residents are leaving their homes, possessions, and running to safety ....but many have been shot, reportedly over 200 bandits with machine guns are roaming the streets, one Orphanage was able to evacuate almost 20:children to a safe location late Saturday night only to have the gangsters come in to loot and steal and destroy property at the Orphanage....the fate of another Orphanage with close to 70 children are still in question.....many have gone to Titanyen and or towards Cabaret....the 50/70/90 gangs I’m told are active and perhaps coming towards, Titanyen....many people are coming towards Titanyen/Cabaret from RT. 9 on foot.....Titanyen Community has no police as their police outpost was set on food, water, and no fuel has cause serious of the churches has been converted to house those displaced but need much more space!

privately I can confirm my sources...Fear is so real and prevalent.....uncertainty about the inability to get food, clean water, and medical care are very homes to return to, only the clothes on their back.....this is going to a Humanitarian Crisis Quickly if not addressed!”

The country is being overrun by the very young men we seek to help; the fatherless boys left to fend for themselves on the streets, hungry for food and family.

Because the gangs have taken control of the ports, they have control of the gas. One of Haiti’s largest potable water distributor was forced to cease their operations because of no gas. Hospitals have shut down as have most commerce in the cities. The latest problem? A cholera outbreak.

I’ve been silent on this these last few weeks, hoping that things would reach some sort of resolution. I’ve come to you so many times through the years that it hurts to have to bring this to your attention but we need your help.

Our leaders have access to food and clean water but it comes at a high price. We want to help them help their neighbors, loved ones and local church. I know this is NOT a long-term fix, but this is the work of Jesus–to feed the hungry and be there in their time of need.

Although we already sent this month’s budgeted allowance, we are calling you to help us feed our neighbors and give them access to clean water. Josue has a plan to help distribute food and if we do our small part, I am praying and believing that our efforts will be miraculously multiplied.

Thank you!

Natul Middlebrook

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