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Why We Have a Renewed Sense of Hope

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Looking for blessings in Haiti right now feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. While these last two years have been rife with violence, political instability and food insecurity, it seems that we are finally seeing the shiny glimmer of what seems like the head of the proverbial needle.

First, it started with Schneider’s long awaited graduation from Technical College. I know that to Josue, our program director, it is seeing the first fruit of his work. It is the answer to our prayers and it gives us a renewed sense of hope that this dream to see orphaned boys grow into responsible, godly men might just become a reality. It is slowly materializing before our eyes; we just have to be willing to adjust our vision to see the blessings in the everyday. I remind myself that kingdom work is slow work.

Second, as sad as it has been seeing Haitian professionals flee their country, it has left a vacancy in the workforce that requires skill and education. We are hopeful that some of our young men will be able to rise to the occasion and stake their claim in that workforce. For me personally, that would be a dream come true as I started this ministry with the hopes of creating jobs and although the artisan side of our work collapsed in 2021, I believe this line of work is more sustainable and better for their communities and economy.

Third, although it was under an emergent situation, our boys have relocated to a much safer and calmer city that is Cap Haitien. It was like the further away they got from the evil atrocities of the gangs, the lighter they felt. The crushing weight of fear has been lifted and they can finally breathe again. Yes, friends, it is a time of NEW BEGINNINGS for this group and I am grateful for it. I am resisting the urge to dream big for now and to just relish in the steps that have led us here.

God is faithful. I don’t know how it has happened but we are still here and there is hope for tomorrow and I am reminded just how faithful God is. The persistent prayers of the Haitian people are powerful. I can attest to this.

Our short-term goal for now is to raise enough money to get everyone settled into new schools and new routines. We need to raise $1,500 for that need today.

The next goal is to make up our monthly deficit of $2,000. Our goal is to secure this difference by the end of 2023.

That can look like a few different scenarios:

1-20 NEW Sponsors at $100 a month.

2-Current sponsors bumping up their sponsorships by $25-$50.

3-Adding the monthly support of 2-4 more churches.

Will you be part of our New Beginnings efforts?

Click here to donate monthly or to give a one-time gift to go towards our registration.

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