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Meet HUGG Alumni, Pastor Max!!

Congratulations to Max for receiving his Bachelor of Theology Degree!

Why is this a SUPER BIG DEAL?

Because 8 years ago, Max was an orphan living on the streets of Port-au-Prince. Both of his parents died when he was a young boy and he was forced to live with an Uncle who mistreated him and kicked him out of his house.

God led him to HUGG where he immediately became an exemplary employee and began using his paycheck to feed needy children from his village in Canaan.

Several people from the U.S partnered with Max to help his dreams come true. First, we sent him to seminary school so he could become a pastor and secondly, we helped him start a home for 12 boys to be raised by two couples whom he hired from his church.

Learn more about Max’s Ministry, Forgotten No More Haiti.

You can also learn more about his U.S Partner and Co-Founder, Jennifer Breedlove HERE.

Because of God-inspired and strategic partnerships, Max is living out his own James 1:27 calling and living out his God-given potential. We believe that we can end the cycle of orphanhood in Haiti through people like Max.

What if we could launch 10 more/ 20 more/100 more Maxes into communities in Haiti? Can you imagine the impact?

There are other young men like Max living in our Transition Home training to make their mark in their communities. That is why our FIVE PILLARS are critical and why it is worth our investment. This is more than a sponsorship--when you partner with us financially you are building up young men who have the potential to bring the orphan crisis in Haiti to an end. It won’t happen tomorrow or maybe not in our generation but ALL world-changing movements start somewhere with someone.

We believe the time is NOW--in Haiti--and it starts with YOU.

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